I have provided individual or small group on-the-water-training for boaters who wish to gain skills and to build maritime confidence, in the real world, since 1996. These skills can be acquired aboard your boat or one provided. If you are having trouble safely operating a small launch or an offshore yacht, feel free to contact me to learn how I can help you. I'm confident that I can teach you the essential maritime skills in simple forms that you can learn efficiently and retain.

If your schedule allows, it is recommended that you take a USCG Power Squadron class locally or to read through the Chapman Piloting on seamanship and small boat handling book, to provide a foundation for us to build on in the real world.

Below is a list of the things that you should be aware of and that I can help you with as a mariner.

Boat inspection
  • see checklist
  • Dead reckoning—charts and compass
  • Tides & currents
  • Light list & coast pilot
  • Ranges/natural ranges
  • Buoy systems
  • Rules of the road
  • Radio communication


  • Single engine, twin engine operation, sailing
  • Docking & mooring
  • Anchoring—scope
  • Knot tying—the importance of hand motions for retaining the knowledge
  • Collision course identification
  • CFRs (maritime law)
  • PFDs
  • Voyage planning
  • Heavy weather
  • Watch keeping
  • Night cruising
  • Ship stability
  • Maintenance and improvements—ventilation
  • MOB (man overboard)
  • Firefighting
  • Ocean survival
  • Security


Requirements of renting the row boat:


Services offered



Defining the social management between the Captain and client, broken in 2 types, explained:

Type 1:
"The interactive Captain". More commonly aboard smaller boats on Celebration Charters or family voyages with kids. Some guests & clients appreciate learning nautical skills, want to hear some sea stories and history to develop a maritime friendship during their voyage. In order for the Captain to perform well, self defined boundaries where boundaries are not defined, patience and clarity of his own standards must be maintained.
Type 2:
"The silent Hand", is a type of service that is carried out with the manner of a fine Butler and the self governing organization of a military strategist. This service is usually desired from clients who want an intimate experience. For example: bereavement charters, Romantic get aways, Voyages that conduct business or entertaining heads of state commonly demand this form of service from the Captain.
Your opportunity to get out on the water is limited and I'm diligent about giving you the maritime experience you want.


  • Owner Operated: Captain D. F. Fontaine
  • Graduate of Maine Maritime Academy
  • Towing and Sailing Endorsed
  • Radio Operator Licensed
  • 200 Ton USCG Licensed
  • Unlimited Radar Observer
  • STCW-95 Compliant (firefighting, social responsibility, First Aid/CPR)
  • Merchant Mariners Documented
  • Lifeboatman
  • TWIC (Homeland Security background clearance to enter secure ports)

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